Creamy Leek and Onion Risotto

Arborio Rice

Arborio Rice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Two days ago my friends went fishing and brought home come cod, ling, and red fish. So, I was invited over to have a lovely fish dinner so I decided to make risotto to bring over. Most risottos require you to use chicken stock or some kind of stock, but adding stock just adds more salt and fat that leaves you out of control. Also, making risotto that way causes your vegetarian or pescetarian friends to be exempt from the tasting! We wouldn’t want that. I decided to make a vegetarian risotto, I was fantastic and I didn’t miss the stock at all!

Here’s my recipe:

1 leek

1/2 onion

2 tablespoons of olive oil

3 tablespoons butter

2-3 cups of arborio rice

2 liters of boiling water

salt to taste

black pepper to taste

romano cheese block

1 grater or mandolin

To begin, finely dice the leeks and onions, you want them to be small so that they can fit nicely on your spoon. Then saute the leeks and onions in olive oil for about 8 minutes on medium heat. You want them to be soft, tender, and translucent(onions). Once they are smelling lovely and look soft enough, take half of the onion and leek mixture out of the pot and reserve it in a bowl. (You will add it back in later but you want to maximize the surface area of the pot so you can toast the rice.) Next, turn your heat up to high and add the butter into the pot with the remaining leeks and onions. Stir until the butter is melted and is starting to smell nutty. Then, add the arborio rice and stir it and toss it as if you were making a vegetable stir fry. You want to smell the rice, butter, and veggies toasting. Do this for about 2 minutes. Next, have the boiling water on hand and add about 1/2 cup of water at a time. The heat should still be on high so the water should boil up and everything should look exciting. Stir the rice forcefully until the water is absorbed and then repeat until the rice is aldente. Once the rice is aldente, stir in the reserved onions and leeks and add more water and continue to stir and cook the rice. By this point, 12 minutes should have passed. At this point, you should add about 1 teaspoon of salt at a time, stir it in and keep repeating until you have reached a desirable taste. If the rice is still not ready keep adding water and stirring until it is absorbed and repeat until you achieve a desired texture. Right before serving, shave in 3/4 cup of romano cheese and stir it in so it melts and the risotto becomes velvety. The risotto should be a bit wet. To serve, slice a pat of butter on top and/ or shave additional romano cheese on top. Or, for breakfast, heat up some leftover risotto, shave some romano on top and finally top it with an egg sunny side up. (DELICIOUS!) I promise you, this will be the best and creamiest risotto you’ve ever had!


Lesson Learned

A few weeks ago I woke up with this on my table. I guess a lesson has been learned: double blow your candles before you go to sleep.

Lesson Learned