The Chance to Live on Mars

Mars One

Have you guys heard about the Mars One project? Apparently this non-profit organization plans to send volunteers to Mars in 2023 to live there for a lifetime. Water was discovered on Mars, which is a possible sign of life. The volunteers who live there will be searching for life there and living the dream… of a space geek! Would you be willing to live there for the rest of your life? Check out the website to see videos that applicants have sent in to compete for their chance to live on Mars! You could be picked! xxx


Eye See You

So here is an upclose photo of my eye! It was taken at the Science Museum in London! My pupil is fully dilated because of the extremely bright light shining in there! But this photo makes me appreciate all the things in life that are often over looked, all the little details! I am very meticulous and detail oriented and I love looking for details that others might not see.

Eye See You