Today I began my blue print cleanse. I have been eating lots of unhealthy foods lately and have been getting in a bad habit. So I decided that I should do a cleanse to clean my body and start fresh. So far, I haven’t gone to class and I have a very free schedule today so I am really hungry. Usually, when I cleanse, the days fly by, but thats probably because I cleanse during the summer months when my schedule is packed and it’s too hot to eat real food anyways.

I drank my favorite juice for lunch, the cinnamon vanilla cashew drink. I wish I had more of these allowed per day, I absolutely love them! And for breakfast I had a green juice! I added some water and lime because I like a little more tang in my green juice 🙂 Anywho, I can’t stop thinking about the risotto I made a few days ago, I had leftovers yesterday with an over easy egg on it and it was phenomenal… 

But.. back to the juice. For the rest of the day I have one green juice left and I will drink limeade when I’m feeling a bit famished. Let me know if you are cleansing or have cleansed 🙂


You’ve got to Watch these… SRSLY!


Just a few days ago I discovered these videos on “SRSLY.” These two girls make hilarious videos about typical girl or nyc-girl problems. A bit melodramatic but totally perfect to me! I related most to the 1. going out, 2. juice, 3. fitting room, 4. cookies, and 5.rumors videos! They are only a few minutes long and definitely worth seeing! Hope you all enjoy!! 🙂 xx