Apartment Hunting?

So I just recently signed for a studio in Boston thanks to my dear friend Sam Rymer. He was an amazing realtor to work with since he really cared about my happiness and kept within my budget, which a lot of other realtors seldom do! I was ready to jump on this one studio on Newbury street but Sam knew that it wasn’t a fair deal and that there were better options. So he sent me to another nice neighborhood and found me amazing alternate choices of much higher standards. I was so thankful! The place I ended up choosing was a bit cheaper and much larger! 


So if anyone is looking to sublet, rent or purchase property or apartments in the Boston area definitely contact Sam Rymer and say Samantha referred you! He will definitely work with you and cater to your requirements, no bullshit! He can be reached at 617-775-3074 or srrymer88@gmail.com 

Definitely give him a ring, text, or email even if you need some assistance with the transition and process of finding a place in Boston! Proper realty has the largest database in Boston, so its def a good go!  


Hope this helps apartment seekers! xx


Who’s Keeping Count?

I just hate when you are interacting (or trying) with people and they are submerged in the life of their iPhones. I was thinking, ‘what if I got upset at my bf while we were walking alongside the Charles river and I threw his phone in?’ Lol! I wonder how many iPhones are at the bottoms of rivers. Not just rivers in Boston, I’m talking about a global issue here! What’s your guess?