Who’s Keeping Count?

I just hate when you are interacting (or trying) with people and they are submerged in the life of their iPhones. I was thinking, ‘what if I got upset at my bf while we were walking alongside the Charles river and I threw his phone in?’ Lol! I wonder how many iPhones are at the bottoms of rivers. Not just rivers in Boston, I’m talking about a global issue here! What’s your guess?


Time and Skins

What would you do if you survived being hit by a bus, would you live in fear or joy? Fear of being so close to trauma? or joy of being lucky and surviving? Tony (from Skins) seems to be acting on the former.

I was just rewatching some episodes from the Skins series (UK) and it just hit me (no pun intended)! Two and a half years have flown by since I last watched Skins. But not only that, two and a half years since I was in high school; two and a half years since I was lusting after smelly teenage boys. And now here I am, in my bed in an apartment with friends I have accumulated only within the past year. How does time fly by so quickly? Why haven’t I taken the time to reflect on these moments and cherish them while they last? I’m sure I will be somewhere fantastic in two and a half years time, but will I look back on this moment and see it as lost? I sure hope not. I always try to really encapsulate the happiness I feel in the moment and enjoy it and store it for times when it is lacking. Looking back on my past, I’ve been blessed with so many great opportunities and people but only few really stick… do you know what I mean? I live for fleeting moments and  once in a lifetime experiences, but do you ever wonder which ones are meant to last?

Just some food for thought for everyone! Also, if you are an angsty teen and want to start a new series, definitely check out Skins (UK)! 🙂 Enjoy xxx


You’ve got to Watch these… SRSLY!


Just a few days ago I discovered these videos on “SRSLY.” These two girls make hilarious videos about typical girl or nyc-girl problems. A bit melodramatic but totally perfect to me! I related most to the 1. going out, 2. juice, 3. fitting room, 4. cookies, and 5.rumors videos! They are only a few minutes long and definitely worth seeing! Hope you all enjoy!! 🙂 xx


Passing on an Inspirational Piece

Super Inspirational Essay

So one of my friends from high school started his own street wear line a few years ago and he recently opened his own shop in Brooklyn! So on his website he has a sandbox where he posts stuff and I thought this essay was really good! I’ve always wanted to write something like this but never really found the time or passion to… But hopefully it can inspire someone else :) xxx


Another song my boyfriend introduced me to! It’s chill and unusually cheery 🙂 Dan Croll, from Liverpool, is friends with another great British artist named Jethro! I’ll post about him soon! We are seeing Jethro and Dan Croll in NYC on 15 June.. I’ll keep you updated with the details when the date approaches! Until then, enjoy this all! xxx