I’m just a girl!

I just want to know “WHY?

Why do things work and happen the way they do? Why are we here? Why haven’t we found the aliens? Why can’t I speak Portuguese yet? Why are you reading this? Why am I so good at knitting? Why are you still here? Why do I run? Why do I sleep? WHY AM I STILL HERE? WHY ARENT I IN LONDON?

I just want to know “WHAT”?

What makes you tick? What heals our bodies? What makes us grow? What makes us relax? What is aesthetically appealing? What do people want? What is a good recipe?

I just want to know “WHERE”?

Where will I find myself? Where are you? Where are all the good people? Where are the bad people hiding? Where will we find an end?

I just want to know! I’m just a girl from Elmhurst, Queens, NYC, USA studying health sciences at Boston University waiting to graduate and to move to London. I do things to seek pleasure in the moment and hope that the pleasure will persist. I’m just waiting to move to SW7 in London really.


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