CocoNUT Oil Secrets

For the past two months I have switched to cooking with extra virgin coconut oil, for the most part. Growing up I used see a jar of solidified coconut oil on my aunt’s bathroom counter. She swore by coconut oil: she used it for moisturising both inside and outside of her body. I would see her cook with it and then rub it on her face. As the rest of my family did, I thought she was bizarre!

Since then, I had come across a few articles about the health benefits of coconut oil, but shunned them. So one day during my weekly trip at Trader Joe’s I stumbled upon coconut oil and decided to pick it up! I thought, I love the smell of coconuts and if I don’t like how it tastes, I can always use it as a hair mask (which by the way… will make your hair feel soft as ever)! So I started doing my research and came to a realization that coconut oil is actually amazing for your body, inside and out! Just like my aunt had said! It softens your skin, helps your hair glow, and cleans out your gut!

So anyways, ever since I started cooking with coconut oil and using it as a topical treatment, I have been noticing harder nails, softer skin, shinier hair, and smoother bowel movements!

OK, I’ll admit, this post is a little disorganized and shit but what can I say I’m getting so excited about this I don’t know where to start and so many ideas are flooding my mind and fingertips at once I can’t help it sorry…

Finally, here are some things I like to use coconut oil in!

— Shrimp Thai Dumplings from Trader Joe’s (Pan Fry/Steam them in coconut oil, you’ll feel like you’re in Thailand 🙂

— COCOliscious lace cookies… use your favourite lace cookie recipe and substitute the butter with coconut oil, trust me… YOU will never go back to using butter!

— Curry dishes! When creating the base for your curry, sauté your onions, garlic, and spices in coconut oil for an added tropical twist!


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